Matt, Amy & Harper | Central Coast Family & Maternity Photographer

This session was without a doubt, one of my favourite sessions of all time. Springtime on the Central Coast is always magical, especially when the wild flowers appear and the light is so gorgeous. So when Amy and her family booked me in for a family photography/maternity session, I knew of the perfect location.

Before the session, Amy had confessed that she was feeling a bit nervous about how the session would go – as a self-described ‘awkward poser’ she was worried that she might look awkward and ‘too posed’ in the photos. She was also a bit worried about how long her daughter would last and whether she would engage in the session. As a Mum of two little ones, I completely understood and assured Amy that I wasn’t your traditional ‘look at the camera and smile’ type of photographer, that playing games, having fun and connecting as a family would be all that I needed to capture their special moments.

This beautiful family were so full of love and laughter, they were an absolute joy to photograph.

“I could not be happier with the photos, you made us feel so comfortable and relaxed during the shoot. We will treasure them forever and I love that we will always have them to look back on and remember such a special time for us. We are so grateful” – Amy

“Ainsley, these photos are amazing!! Looking at them for the first time yesterday brought a tear to my eye. Your style and mood is fantastic. And the composition is so natural and organic, I love them!!” – Matt 

If you would like more details on booking a natural, authentic, family photography session with me, please click here for more information or Contact me. I’d love to hear from you!

Also this month I’m participating in a blog circle with some amazingly talented photographers. Head on over to Jessica Mason Photography to see a stunning engagement session from this extremely talented Melbourne Wedding Photographer!

Ainsley x

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Beth Fernley’s Moment Design Workshop | Central Coast Lifestyle Family Photographer

Last Sunday I had the privilege of attending Beth Fernley’s Moment Design Photography Workshop. To say it was a game-changer for me, both personally and professionally, would be an understatement.

There is no doubt that Beth is one extremely talented and hard-working lady. I have long admired her images and the way her family portraits speak to your soul. But to see her work her magic in person was such a wonderful experience.

The morning of the workshop was spent learning the Moment Design techniques from Beth and connecting with our fellow photographers. From the moment we arrived, Beth was so welcoming and generous in sharing her experiences and teachings with us.

We then travelled to an awesome Central Coast location to watch Beth photograph a family of eight (yep, six children, wow!). Beth has a way of photographing her clients that makes them feel so comfortable that they forget she’s even there. And that’s when those beautiful connections happen and the rest is, well, magic.

The following are some images from the workshop, taken with Beth’s permission. This is why I love lifestyle family photography – no cheesy poses, just beautiful moments captured. I can’t wait to try out these techniques on my next family session!


Family lifestyle photographyFamily lifestyle photographyFamily lifestyle photographyFamily lifestyle photographyFamily lifestyle photographyFamily lifestyle photographyFamily lifestyle photography

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Slowing Down | Central Coast Family and Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

“Finding the beauty in everyday moments is really just a matter of taking the time to slow down, stop and appreciate the wonder of the world around us”.


The last little while has been crazy busy for myself and my family. Nothing major, just the busyness of daily life: kids parties, dental appointments, travelling for work, an operation for our beloved puppy, kindy prep, getting the kids in the car, getting the kids out of the car, laundry, laundry, laundry and so it goes on. Like I said, nothing incredibly big or exciting, but nevertheless overwhelmingly draining.

Lately I’ve felt my to-do list grow ever and ever longer to the point where there’s no room left – for anything. And if I happen to inadvertently have a chance to stop even for a minute, I immediately think there’s something wrong, that there must be something on my to-do list that needs doing. An inner panic sets in as I can’t decide whether I’m stressed about all the things I should be doing or I’m stressed because I can’t seem to enjoy relaxing anyway even if I did have the time. Either way, I’m feeling guilty.

And then a miracle happened this past weekend. For the first time in a really long time, we had no plans. No appointments, no schedule, no rushing to get somewhere, nowhere to be. AND IT WAS GLORIOUS.

I went for a walk with the kids to our local beach (Ettalong Beach is hands down one the best kid-friendly beaches on the Coast), bringing the bare minimum with me. We stopped on the way to look at the flowers (and dead insects). We noticed the baby ducklings that lived down the end of the street, the construction work a few doors down, the different cars that went past as we crossed the road. When we finally got to the beach, I handed the kids a bucket and spade each and they were off – making sandcastles, putting their toes in the water, jumping off the sand dunes.

I’d forgotten how much fun can be had when we let ourselves slow down, even for a moment, and allow our lives to be unscheduled. It’s true, it’s amazing how much joy can be had on own doorsteps when we allow ourselves the opportunity to slow down, relax and explore our natural environment.

And to heck with the laundry, it can wait.

Central Coast Family Photographer

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Whitsundays Family Holiday | Central Coast Family Lifestyle Photographer

We recently embarked on a much needed family holiday to the Whitsundays, at a time when the winter blues were just starting to kick in and we desperately needed some sunshine (surely this has been the coldest winter yet on the Central Coast!). And boy did Hamilton Island deliver! Glorious days were spent exploring the beach and well, just relaxing and having fun.

Interested in booking an un-posed, family lifestyle photography session? Contact me here :).

I am also delighted to participate in a blog circle this month with some amazingly talented Australian photographers. Head on over to see the most wonderful lifestyle newborn session by the extremely talented Tenielle Murray, a Melbourne Newborn Photographer – her work is simply stunning and I just adored this session with little Baby Jude (and see if you can spot Otis, the family’s golden retriever who also stole some of the limelight!).


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Norah Head Lighthouse | Central Coast Family Lifestyle Photographer

We had such a wonderful morning at the Norah Head Lighthouse recently. Reason number 1001 why we love living on the Central Coast, there is always just so much fun to be had and things to do :).

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